About Mel Curtiss

I work for the oldest children’s charity in the State of Washington, GATEWAYS for Youth & Families.  It is a reward at this point in my career to work as President of an organization that provides homes for foster children and to advocate for children and families.  For most of my career, I have worked with less sympathetic populations.   I’ve been a trial attorney and a lobbyist.  I liked to think I was working for the good guys, advocating changes in children and family issues, environmental regulation, civil rights, juvenile law and justice.  But I also spent several years advocating the rights of criminals, as Director of felony public defender practices for the state of Kansas.  When I moved to the state of Washington's I worked as chief of enforcement and professional practices investigation over Certified Public Accountants during the Enron scandals.  I don’t know which people think are lower, attorneys or politicians, but I’ve been both.  I was elected and appointed to public office and even did a short 3 years running a state agency.  I was a political operative, paid and volunteer, working in the legislature, for the State Democratic Party in two different states and on a variety of democratic campaigns. 

In fact, my husband Jamie Beletz and I met in Washington DC while running opposing political campaigns.  My husband and I continue to enjoy our differences as much as our similarities and we took our show on the road, well really the airwaves, and hosted a local talk show for two years.

I’m an author, own a small-press publishing house, have been a licensed teacher and a guardian ad litem, fraud investigator, stage and costume designer and theatre director and a United States Marine.  Oooh-rah!

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