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You have reached the online office of Mel Curtiss.  Professionally, I work as a nonprofit executive, running the oldest children's charity in the State of Washington, GATEWAYS for Youth & Families.  if you are interested in learning about what we do there, please check out  I confess to being an attorney with an extensive background in law, policy development, finance, conflict resolution, professional education and standards development.  I am also an artist and a writer, but there are two of us out there that do that who go by the name of Mel Curtiss - so I put most links to my writing and philosophical meanderings on my alternative site  I do also have several blogs that I maintain or submit to on an irregular basis. The only one that is relevant to my current paid profession is  If you are interested in helping foster children or the families that take them in, please check that one out. 

It took me a long time to decide to develop this rather cut and dry website and I spend a whole lot more time on that other site, because I buy the Dalai Lama's theory that life is supposed to be fun.  But, I spend a whole lot more of my life working on the professional stuff - 'cause there just aren't that many hours in the day - and my staff, our governing board and our clients insist on it.  Truthfully, I do love the work that pays my bills almost as much as writing books.  But if you want to know why, you'll have to visit the other sites.  All you will get here is a glimpse of my credentials.

Welcome and God Bless America....
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